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The Productivity Sketchbook #7: What is Sketchnoting?

Text Version

  • Visual Notetaking, or Sketchnoting is the practice of combining handwritten text and drawings to create more memorable notes.
  • It forms the backbone of visual productivity, and is where your drawing skills will be most applicable.
    • Nice! I'm ready!
  • Sketchnoting takes advantage of Dual Coding Theory, which I've talked about before:
    • Dual Coding Theory (Allen Paivio, University of Western Ontario, 1971)
      • Our brains process info in two ways
        • Verbal (words)
        • Visual (images)
      • Helps you retain more information as it's storied in multiple formats
  • I often remember things going on around me when I'm performing physical actions.
  • For example, I was making brownie ice cream when I first watched the Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers movie on Disney Plus.
  • Now whenever I make ice cream I'm reminded of a silly movie.
    • That does seem a weird connection...
  • The same thing happens while Sketchnoting. A drawing can tie itself to a memory of what's going on around you when you're making the drawing.
  • That's Dual Coding in action!
    • That's handy for lectures, conferences, classes, meetings...
      • and newsletters!
  • Sketchnoting is going to be a big focus here on The Productivity Sketchbook, as well as my YouTube Channel.
  • My next video is going to show you how to make your first Sketchnote!
    • Looking forward to that!
  • In the meantime, checkout my list of Sketchnote resources at creadevlabs.com/sketchnote-resources
  • Until next time!