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Obsidian for Beginners Parts 3 & 4


Thank you for coming along on my random productivity adventure!

This week I've got not one, but two videos to share with you!

In these latest entries in the Obsidian for Beginners series I cover the various organizational methods in Obsidian for keeping your notes neat and tidy.

I also cover the Graph view, and ask the question, is it really a useful tool or just a fancy gimmick?

I've got just a couple more videos in the series to make, and then I'll be turning my attention to some other exciting video topics. They should make fans of analog productivity tools pretty happy 😁

If you are a fan of analog productivity tools, check out the article I wrote about the best features of the Bullet Journal:

What I Like About the Bullet Journal
The Bullet Journal is an analog productivity and knowledge management system created by Ryder Carroll. I’ve used a Bullet Journal in some form or another since the beginning of 2016, and my use of it has evolved a lot over the years. Here are some of the reasons why I

Thanks again for joining me! Until next time!