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I have a passion for productivity and organization, a fact that earned me a reputation of being the “Productivity Guy” around the office. I am often asked questions regarding what apps and processes I use. As productivity is a topic I’ve studied extensively for well over a decade, I have much to say on the subject. It's therefore difficult to prevent myself from overloading people with information, which is far more overwhelming than helpful.

A friend of mine suggested I create a place where I could document my methods, processes, and experiments so that others could browse the information at their own pace. Thus, CreaDev Labs was born ("CreaDev" being a play on the word "creative", as well as a combination of the words "creative" and "developer").

This site is a repository of my experiments and thoughts on not only the subject of productivity, but also the closely related subjects of personal knowledge management, creativity, and software development. I believe strongly in the idea of sharing work in progress as I feel it helps myself and others to fight off the destructive power of perfectionism. As a result of this belief, there may be times when the content on this site isn’t totally polished or complete. I hope that makes it a place where we can all learn and experiment and grow together.

– Brennan Davis

About Brennan Davis

Brennan Davis is a Software Engineer Manager by day, productivity and organizational enthusiast by, well, all the time! He's been working professionally in the software engineering field for the past 10 years. He is well versed in various internet technologies such as HTML, CSS / SASS, JavaScript, VueJS, React, Django / Python, and more.

He has a passion for creating, and is often found writing, drawing (most recently getting into Pixel Art), and tinkering with the latest JavaScript framework.

He's developed his own personal productivity system by taking the bits and pieces he likes from other systems and combining them into his own.

Brennan has a Bachelor's Degree in Digital Media with an emphasis in Internet Technologies.