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The Last Productivity App You'll Ever Need

In this week's video I share the "all in one" productivity system I've built inside my favorite notes app, Obsidian.

I did my best to incorporate the three main components of a productivity system:

  • Tasks
  • Notes
  • Calendar

This is just v1 of the system. I plan to continue iterating on it to make it even better!

For instance, the calendar portion is still pretty weak. I can't edit calendar events from Obsidian, so I still have to go out to my Google Calendar for that. I'll be exploring more calendar options in a future video!

Was there anything I missed in my system? Let me know in the video comments!


Looking to get started with Obsidian? Check out the first video in my Obsidian for Beginners Series:

The next video in the series is coming soon!


I've shared my Sketchnotes on Atomic Habits quite a bit, but did you know I also have some for Ryder Carroll's book The Bullet Journal Method?

The Bullet Journal Method
By Ryder Carroll

Are there any other books you'd like to see Sketchnotes for?