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I got 500 subscribers by ignoring the YouTube "Experts"


Thank you so much for joining me on this random productivity journey!

It's been almost a year since I started my YouTube channel, and in that time I've had over 500 people subscribe!

I'm so grateful to everyone who has watched, liked, and commented on my videos. It has been such a rewarding experience to share my thoughts and things I'm passionate about with you all.

I've watched a lot of YouTube advice videos, and tried implementing a lot of what I've learned from them. When I did this, though, my videos dropped in performance rather than increase.

By following the same advice as everyone else, my videos stopped standing out. It reminded of the importance of discovering what tools and processes work best for me.

I talk all about it in this week's video:

Thanks again for watching!


Obsidian is my favorite note taking app of all time!

If you're interested in using it yourself, check out the first module in my FREE Obsidian for Beginners course! It has everything you need to get started using Obsidian:

More modules will be coming in the near future!


I have strong opinions on what productivity tools I like to use, but that doesn't mean everyone should use them. You need to discover what works best for you for yourself, something I talked about in this article in the CreaDev Labs archives:

Use the Apps that Work For You
Originally Published: May 14, 2021 When I originally wrote this post, I was using Notion for project and personal knowledge management. I’ve since switched over to using Obsidian for those things, but I still think Notion is an amazing app. As I state below, it’s all about finding the app