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The Productivity Sketchbook #2: The 3 Biggest Benefits of Visual Productivity

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  • So in the last issue I was so excited about the idea of visual productivity that I forgot to ask an important question

    • Oh yeah? What question is that?
  • Why would I want to practice visual productivity?

    • Ah yes, that is an excellent question. It's important to understand the benefits of visual productivity so you know the awesome stuff you're getting out of it.
  • Yeah! Gotta know what's in it for me!

  • The 3 Biggest Benefits of Visual Productivity

    1. Greater Information Retention
      • Dual Coding Theory (Allan Paivio, University of Western Ontario, 1971)
        • Our brains process info in two ways
          • Verbal (words)
          • Visual (images)
        • Visual Productivity utilizes both
          • Gives you two ways to remember information
    2. Information Capture Filter
      • Handwriting notes is an effective content capture filter
        • Takes longer
        • Can only capture the BIG ideas
        • Focus on what resonates
          • "I can't get this amazing idea out of my head!"
    3. Concise Writing
      • Using images instead of words can help you be more concise and save space
        • Shopping cart = grocery shopping
        • Car + school = pick up kids from school
        • Brush + toilet = clean the bathroom
  • Wow! Those are some great benefits!

    • I know right!?
  • In the next issue we'll take a look at how to get started practicing visual productivity so you can start reaping those benefits!

  • Until next time!