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The Productivity Sketchbook #3: You're Already Practicing Visual Productivity

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  • In her book The Art of Visual Notetaking, author Emily Mills states 60% of people identify as visual learners
    • I'm one of those 60%
  • It may come as no surprise, then, that you're already familiar with and/or using at least one visual productivity tool
    • Oh wow, really?
  • Have you ever used a mind map before?
    • Oh yeah, of course! I use mind maps all the time!
  • Mind Maps are essentially visual bullet lists, but with some helpful advantages. The lines connecting ideas together help show the relationships between those ideas in a way ordinary bullet lists can't
    • Like that supporting point being shared by two sub topics. Can't do that with a bullet list
  • Another tool you may already be familiar with is a Kanban board
  • Steps in a process are represented as columns with task cards assigned to the column that matches that task's status. This makes it easy to identify the status of any given task at a glance.
  • To update a task's status, simply move it to the appropriate column
  • Popular tools likes Obsidian and Notion allow you to create Mind Maps and Kanban boards respectively
    • So I can practice visual productivity in the apps I'm already using!
  • That's right! If you're nervous about your drawing skills these tools will allow you to still get some of the benefits of visual productivity
  • While many apps have visual productivity features, you're limited to what the developer has designed the app to do
  • That's why next week is going to feature the first of many simple drawing lessons to help you feel confident enough to start creating your own visual productivity tools!
    • All right, all right. I'll give the drawing thing a shot
  • Until next time!