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The Productivity Sketchbook #4: How to Draw an Upgraded Stick Figure

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Now on to our first drawing lesson!

Text Version

  • All right, I'm ready! Let's get drawing!
  • Sounds good to me! Grab something to draw with and we'll jump right in!
  • A quick reminder of why adding visuals to your tasks, notes, and calendar is helpful:
    • Duel Coding Theory (Allen Paivio, University of Western Ontario, 1971)
      • Our brains process info in two ways
        • Verbal (words)
        • Visual (images)
        • Visual Productivity utilizes both
          • Helps you retain more information because the info is stored two ways
  • This week you'll be learning how to draw a person as people are one of the most common things you'll draw
  • It'll be an upgraded version of the standard stick figure
  • How to Draw an Upgraded Stick Figure
    1. Draw a circle for the head
    2. Add a box below the head for the body
    3. Add lines coming off the shoulders for arms and from the bottom of the body for legs
    4. Add one long, curved line and one short one off the ends of the arms for hands, and angled lines off the legs for feet
    5. Add two dots on the head for eyes, a half circle below the eyes for a mouth, and two curved lines above the eyes for eyebrows
  • Adding details such as a box for the body, lines for the hands and feet, and lines for the eyebrows gives you the ability to create lots of poses and facial expressions
  • Try drawing your own upgraded stick figures in various poses and with different expressions. Share your drawings in the comments, and let me know what you'd like to learn to draw next!
  • Until next time!