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Experiment: Scratchpad Note in Obsidian


Date Started: 2022-07-05 Tue

As I've been creating new notes in Obsidian, I decided I needed a general scratchpad type note to put smaller ideas and thoughts into instead of creating a brand new note each time. I can regularly review my scratchpad note to see if the ideas are things I'd like to develop further, or delete them if they're no longer relevant (like if they don't resonate with me like they did at first). This will help me to be more selective about what gets permanently added to my knowledge base.

The ideas will be organized by date so I know how long ago I wrote down the idea.

In addition to the scratchpad note in Obsidian, I can also use my Bullet Journal as a scratchpad when I'm not in front of my computer. I can transfer notes from my Bullet Journal into Obsidian if I find I want to develop any of those ideas further.

Update / Results

Date Updated / Finished: 2022-07-15 Fri

This was a practice that didn't really take off. I wrote a couple things in the Scratchpad file near the beginning of the experiment, but then I kind of forgot about it. I found myself writing things in my Bullet Journal far more often, so that appears to be the better scratchpad location for me. I'll be deleting the scratchpad note in Obsidian and just using my Bullet Journal going forward.