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CreaDev Labs Weekly Lab Report: August 1, 2022

As a software developer I live in a world of acronyms, and (when you actually know what they stand for) they can be a powerful tool for remembering things. Over the years I've developed my own set of core productivity principles that just so happen to fit into a nice little acronym: FIRST. These core productivity principles, something I like to call "The Keys to Productivity" are as follows:

  • Focus
  • Iteration
  • Recording
  • Simplification
  • Trust

These principles are the basis of everything I do when it comes to productivity and building up my own personal productivity system. You'll be seeing these mentioned throughout the articles and other content here on CreaDev Labs.

I've drawn up some Sketchnotes that describe each of these principles, the first few of which I posted on CreaDev Labs this past week. You can see these Sketchnotes by clicking on the links below. The remainder will be available this coming week.

What's new this week:

Productivity System

Keys to Productivity Overview
Keys to Productivity: Focus
Keys to Productivity: Iteration
Keys to Productivity: Recording

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