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A New, Simpler Chapter is Beginning...

I've been writing on a consistent basis online for almost two years.

I've done a lot of experimenting in that time, lots of it being around naming and formatting my offerings.

At first, I named my site Productivity Dudes. But then I changed it to CreaDev Labs because I didn't want to get locked into the topic of productivity.

But then I made a silly mistake. I titled my weekly email "The Boldly Productive Newsletter." I got myself stuck on the same topic yet again!

I renamed the email later, but made the issue worse. The newsletter's current name, The Productivity Sketchbook, further locked me into Sketchnoting.

It's time I stop doing this to myself and break free!

I'm hereby dropping the name from my newsletter. From now on it'll be the CreaDev Labs Newsletter, plain and simple.

In my YouTube video last week, I mentioned that I have many interests. I want to do more exploring before I lock myself into a specific niche.

This will bring some other changes to the newsletter besides a name change as a result.

I want to make my life easier by publishing content on fewer platforms. Right now, my primary platform is going to be YouTube. I'll be using it to document and promote my new gamified productivity app.

To make time for app development and YouTube videos, I will publish this newsletter every 2 weeks. Developing an app, making YouTube videos, and producing a weekly newsletter is overwhelming. I'm doing all this myself while working a full-time job and taking care of my family.

That reminds me, I'm no longer posting on Twitter/X . I don't like always creating trendy content that quickly gets forgotten. It's way too draining for me, and that's not something I want my side projects to be.

The newsletter will offer glimpses into my project management workflows, processes, and systems. There may be a little software development thrown in here and there. Already I've discovered solutions to development problems I want to share.

I'm sorry to the people who joined this newsletter only for the Sketchnoting. I'll be showing how I use Sketchnoting in my project workflows, so I hope you'll keep finding value in it.

I want to thank all my subscribers for supporting me and following along in my journey. A new chapter is beginning for me, and I'm excited for what I've got in store to share with you. I hope you all continue to enjoy what I have to offer, and look forward to your feedback!

Thank you all, and I'll see you in the next newsletter!