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Introducing the Boldly Productive Newsletter!

Welcome to the newly re-titled Boldly Productive Newsletter!

Up until now this newsletter was called Weekly Lab Report. That's a rather sterile title, and frankly pretty boring.

The new title better reflects the purpose of CreaDev Labs, which is to empower you to become the hero of your productivity story. I aim to give you the knowledge and tools you need to craft your very own, perfectly tailored productivity system. And I'll be sharing this knowledge through the use of familiar frameworks such as the Hero's Journey and the Scientific Method.

I'm hoping this rebranding of the newsletter will help me provide much more focused content, and prove to be a useful resource for you. Please send me any questions or comments you have by replying to this email, or messaging me at brennan@creadevlabs.com.

Read Later Apps: What They Are, Plus Some Honest Reviews

You're doing some research for a hefty work project.

You're looking up articles and videos on the topic. You find a few promising ones.

Something catches your eye near the bottom of your screen. It's a new video from one of your favorite YouTubers. You think to yourself, "I can take a break to watch a quick video."

You watch that 10 minute video. Time to get back to work!

But uh oh, another video catches your eye in the outro. You think to yourself again, "Another 10 minute video won't hurt".

This process repeats a few times.

You look up at the clock and 2 hours has passed! Panic floods over you! How did hours pass in mere seconds!?

If this story sounds familiar to you, then you may be in need of a Read Later app.

Do you know the way your mind works?

I saw an interesting question asked by Tiago Forte, creator of the Building a Second Brain course:

"Do you know the way your mind works?"

I wasn't sure I could give a solid answer to this question, and wanted to explore it a little further. I decided to use this opportunity to try out the new Canvas feature inside of Obsidian.

Here's what I did:

Read / Watch List:

Notes and ideas from others to explore

  • Video: Upgrade My Notes with Tiago Forte
    • What do you want to produce from your notes? What is the outcome you’re after?
    • “Learning is the ultimate form of procrastination”
      • We sometimes spend so much time learning we never actually do the thing we’re learning. We don’t apply the learning.
      • This is similar to planning. Sometimes we spend so much time planning that we don’t actually do the things we’re planning to do.
    • Keep notes structure loose and informal
      • Don’t tie your future self to a rigid structure you have to follow forever
      • Just enough structure to keep your inner critic from yelling at you, but loose enough that you can easily change and adapt as you go
  • Video: The Truth about Being the “Stupidest” in the Room
    • Don’t be afraid to look like “the idiot”.
      • Ask questions until you understand what’s being presented to you.
    • The reality is, there are others in the room who don’t understand either, but are too afraid of looking foolish to speak up and ask the question.
      • Asking questions benefits everyone in the room.

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