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Weekly Lab Report: July 25, 2022

I signed up for Ghost's newsletter since I'm now using their service to manage my website, and they had a great piece of advice in one of their recent emails. They talked about how your first and biggest fan should be yourself, meaning if you're not interested in your own work, then it's going to be virtually impossible to get others interested. Create for yourself first, and then share what you create with others.

This is the approach I took with my previous website, productivitydudes.com, and it's the approach I'm taking with CreaDev Labs as well. Productivity, organization, creativity, personal knowledge management, and software development are topics I'm passionate about, so I'm always researching and learning more about them. It makes creating content about these topics so much easier because I'm writing about things I've already put in the work to study and collect information on.

Some of my favorite content I wrote for productivitydudes.com, is now available here on CreaDev Labs, with still more to come over the next few weeks. You can check out several of the articles I've migrated over below, as well as another fun comic based on myself and my actual OCD tendencies.

What's new this week:


Getting Over Imposter Syndrome and Finally Starting a Blog
Procrastination: The Other Blog Killer
Use the Apps That Work For You


Comic: OCD Car Locking