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Why you need a productivity system, deleting note folders, and cultivating ideas

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This week sees the continuation of the series I started last week on FIRST, the guiding principles for crafting a perfect productivity system. I also share a large update to my note taking apps, as well as a couple articles on how to cultivate new ideas.

Now on with the show!

Focus: Why Do You Need a Productivity System?

In the first article in this series I gave you five principles for crafting your perfect productivity system. Those principles are:

  • Focus
  • Iterate
  • Record
  • Simplify
  • Trust

The first of these principles, Focus, helps you answer this question:

Why do you need a productivity system?

There are productivity experts out there right now climbing over each other to answer this question for you.

I got to you first, though, so here's the answer!

I Deleted All the Folders in My Notes Apps!

I waste far too much time fiddling with folder structures in my notes apps.

My goal is to minimize friction when deciding where to put a note. Folders create extra work by forcing me to decide where each note should go. And there's always that note that could go in any of them.

I tried simple structures like Tiago Forte's PARA as I thought fewer folders might make it easier, but it only intensified the problem. There were still heaps of questions pouring through my mind about where a note should go.

The solution to my folder problem: banish all folders!

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Article: For a More Creative Brain, Follow These 5 Steps
A simple process for developing ideas.

Article: Seed Your Mind Garden in Obsidian
A nice how-to guide on getting a personal knowledge management system going inside of Obsidian.

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