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Designing a Character for my Gamified Task Manager

Hello there!

I apologize for the newsletter being a bit late this week. I was hard at work getting my next dev log edited and published. I'm happy to say it's now live for you to enjoy!

I'm overjoyed at the progress I've made on the development so far. Thank you all for following along this journey with me!

For you Sketchnoters out there, I've been continuing my series of chapter by chapter Sketchnotes on James Clear's popular book Atomic Habits. Here's the latest addition to the series:

Summary of Atomic Habits: The Cardinal Rule of Behavior Change
Sketchnote summary of Atomic Habits Chapter 15: The Cardinal Rule of Behavior Change

If you'd like to catch up on the rest of the series, you can check them all out here:

Atomic Habits
By James Clear

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Until next time!